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Anti-Aging Facial $80
Lets face it, Over the years our skin has gone through A LOT! 
Show it a little extra attention with our specialized anti-aging facial.
Specifically formulated anti-aging products by our exclusive line ' Glow, By Victoria'. These products fight back all the signs of aging, leaving your skin feeling young & glowing once again! 
 Signature Facial $55 
This is a treatment that delivers results to your skin all while indulging in the wonderful warmth of our heated facial bed and pampering your arms, hands,neck and face with a nice massage. 
Acne Facial $70
This is a deep cleansing facial that treats the root causes of acne, this facial works to correct problematic areas of the skin, leaving you less red and less irritated but more relaxed and confident in your apperance! 
Back Facial $70
Treat your back to the love it deserves. Our backs are the most neglected area on our body, but not with this facial! Cleanse, exfoliate and rehydrate your back.
Christina Fluoroxygen Facial  Facial​​​  ​ $120  $90
Fluoroxygen+C is a multidirectional treatment for skin discoloration and photo damage. It lightens visible epidermal layers, while regulating melanin production in the deeper dermis. In combination with its home use products, Fluoroxygen+C provides long-term protection against biological and environmental factors that cause discoloration.

Hot Stone Facial $90
Along with your facial you recieve a hand, arm, neck and facial massage all using hot stones for the ulitmate relaxation!
Foot detox 
This is a safe therapy for anyone over the age of 10, except for those who wear pacemakers or have seizures. 
This is especially recommended therapy for those who take a lot of medications. The ionic detox foot bath does not eliminate beneficial medicaitions from the body. 
This helps treat anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, regulation of horomones, IBS, gallbladder pain and migraines.

15 Min, $25
30 Min $50
45 Min $75 
Christina Chateau de Beaute
Medical grade Antiaging Facial 
(Vino Wine Facial )
$125  ​  $80
With Château de Beauté, the pure advantages of wine and its supremely beneficial byproducts are translated into a cutting-edge series aimed at rejuvenating skin, energizing it from within. The potent components in wine address the needs of skin, replenishing it with moisture and ingredients essential to restore its vitality and youthful glory.

Microdermabrasion ​​​​​ $80  $40
The microdermabrasion procedure is a non-surgical and virtually painless, it is a safe and highly effective way to restore a clear, youthful glow to the skin, along with diminishing any hyperpigmentation, fine line & wrinkles or even scarring! 
**Add a Facial to this treatment for $50 extra! 
Add Ons

Lip mask & Scrub $20

Upgraded Mask $20
 - Tea Tree
-  Caviar 
- Collagen

Under Eye Mask $15

LED Add on $30

High Frequency $10

Skin Scubber Cleansing treatment $50

NEW LED Treatment
LED light therapy is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive skin-care treatment that has multiple benefits—particularly stimulating collagen and treating mild to moderate acne. $55
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We will only honor one groupon per client